The "railway" base on Venture Builder help build potential "train cars" with the community's power

The U2U Foundation construct a Digi-cradle for builders to break the challenges of actualizing their potential startups and go on to become a global blockchain unicorn with the motivation of community power.

The builders just need to plant the ideas, while the U2U Foundation team will use/connect to our resources/partners. It's a comprehensive strategy sponsored by experts in technology, business, legal, marketing, and ecosystem development – all focused on the success of your project.


Our mission

We have complete faith in the community's power, which is consistently represented through a governance council where decisions about the ecosystem's development strategy, business challenges, and profit sharing under the Venture Builder model.

We aim to construct global blockchain unicorn chains as part of Unicorn Ultra's mission, promoting transparency, democracy, and proactive investment community growth for community investors and businesses.

How does the U2U Foundation help you?

Lack of funds and operational experience seems the most challenging for startup projects. That's why U2U Foundation deploys the comprehensive venture builder model to create a community-invested, community-developed, and community-run ecology.

With our streamlined grant program, builders can quickly access the funding for projects while our experts support across technical, marketing, business development, and other operational functions needed to scale.

Why Unicorn Ultra?

U2U Ecosystem allows builders to develop projects on U2U Chain with a robust codebase that ensures scalability and reliability at every layer of its network infrastructure. The cost per transaction on the U2U chain will help to save 30% on fees compared to other leading blockchain networks.

Besides, the U2U Chain can achieve a minimum of 10,000 TPS while our EVM is designed flexibly for developers to unleash their creativity while optimizing their products. U2U Chain possesses stability and optimized benchmark scalability to help meet the needs of projects.

U2U is a cryptocurrency of the U2U Ecosystem that powers the decentralized economy and has high throughput with fast finality, low fees, and fair transaction ordering with consensus timestamps.

How does the U2U Network Governance work?

Network governance is the responsibility of the Unicorn Ultra Governing Council. That council is based on the concept of soulbound token with two mechanisms:

- Every member can hold the U2U token and use it to vote/propose for basic protocol operations (like the DAO mechanism).

- The investors will initially receive an investment certificate - a form soundbound NFT that is non-convertible called U2S. Only those with enough U2U and U2S can vote/propose important decisions (ex: the decision to grant funds for the project,...).

This mechanism makes voting/proposing transparent and democratic and avoids governance council manipulation or democratic centralization. This mechanism is an important key to helping the U2U - UTown community thrive and provide resources for projects built on U2U Chain.

Any potential developer, veteran or newbie, is welcome in the completely U2U Foundation's free ecosystem.