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The all-in-one venture builder platform for the potential Dapp and digital assets.

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Land to grow

That land is U2U Chain, a robust and versatile platform for decentralized application that allows developers to build projects with the complete infrastructure based on the comprehensive venture builder model.

An incubator to nurture

With our supplied tools, Developers just need to seed the idea and save time and effort.

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A power to bloom

Platform, DeFi, Gamefi, Web3,... all will be done with our venture builder. We support, cooperate, and connect our resources to help blockchain startups improve, develop and grow efficiently.


A free ecosystem to build

Maximize of our product (wallet, exchange, NFT Marketplace) completely freely in a community. We started with a strong belief in Hashgraph technology and ended with a community-controlled economy.

Advisors & Partners

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Carney Mak

Head Of Investment
FXHB Asset Management

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Julian Wu

U2U Advisor - Mentor/Judge at Stanford Web3 Research Lab, Orbit Startups, and Blockchain Founders Fund

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Josh Du

Head of Digital Asset Portfolios at Animoca - U2U Mentor

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Irene Umar

U2U Advisor - CEO & Co-Founder @W3GG

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Join the UTown now!

  • 1 We have complete faith in the strength of the community - A global, decentralized network with validators and members from around the world.
  • 2 We will create a council that consistently voices decisions about the ecosystem's development direction, business challenges, and profit sharing under the Venture Builder model.
  • 3 We construct and connect/use community power that comprehensively supports startups, from that to build Global Unicorns based on a Venture Builder model.
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